Product availability

A product is available in store but I can not find it online

We are working hard to increase availability of products on the website and occasionally we are not able to provide some products which you might find in store.

Updated on: 18 March 2022

A product I want is showing as out of stock

On occasion we will show items as out of stock where we believe there is a likelihood of the product not being available when we fulfill your order. We work hard to minimise these occurrences and trust you are able to select a suitable alternative

Updated on: 18 March 2022

I am no longer able to find a product online which I used to be able to

We constantly review our online range, and some products change along with some products being seasonal. This means that some products are not available year round, and occasionally we see the manufacture and supply of some products discontinued.

Updated on: 18 March 2022