What help is there for me if I am elderly, vulnerable or shielding at home?

We're welcoming workers from Marie Curie and CLIC Sargent charity shops - whose doors may need to close due to the current Coronavirus crisis - to help support elderley and vulnerable customers in our stores. 

While they are working with us, in our stores, their roles will focus on:

  • Shopping for the vulnerable in our local communities
  • Helping the elderly and vulnerable with their shopping so they get what they need
  • Helping the elderly and vulnerable at the checkouts and helping them with their bags
  • Taking items to food banks and other charities, who are desperately in need of supplies
  • Replenishing items that are needed by the community

They'll join our store colleagues - working so very hard to feed the nation - to provide the best shopping trip we can for those customers that most need our support and to take essential items to food banks. 

We’ve also set up a call centre that customers can phone and place an order from a list of 46 items that their local store Community Champion will deliver to them at home the next day, where they can pay by contactless payment to minimise contact.

Additionally we have set up a website whereby you can purchase a gift card so that another person can do your grocery shopping on your behalf. To find out more information please visit our blog.

Updated on: 27 April 2020

What help is there available if I work for the NHS?

Opening Hours

We have introduced a National Health Service Hour at all of our stores at the beginning of every day, Monday to Saturday, from 6am to 7am. 

A Morrisons colleague will meet you at the clearly marked staff entrance to welcome workers with an NHS badge. 

On Sundays, the majority of our stores, we will open at 9am for our very hard working NHS workers to shop. We will open at 9.30am for all other customers to shop normally. For any other stores that open later than 9:30, they will open 1 hour earlier for NHS staff. 

Therefore, during the period of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Sunday browsing hour is suspended, as you can shop normally from 9.30am each Sunday.

In Scotland we will open at 7am for you to shop.

NHS Discount

We’ve set up a 10% NHS staff discount as a thank you to the NHS for doing outstanding work, to not be overwhelmed by the virus and for going the extra mile for Britain. To get the discount, present your valid ID card at the till. 

NHS Food Boxes

We have launched a click and collect food box service from hospital car parks to give NHS staff easy access to essential groceries. The click and collect site within hospital car parks makes it easy for staff to pick up their groceries after their shift has ended. There is also a dedicated food box website which NHS colleagues can order a food box for £30 - including delivery.

Updated on: 01 May 2020

What is Morrison's doing to help food banks?

We're making it easier for you to help, lifting buying restrictions on much-needed products. So, if you're able to, please pick up an extra product or two when you shop and leave them at the drop off point in your local store. 

We're playing our part too. As a British foodmaker, our manufacturing sites are working for longer to make more. This will help our stores give £10 million worth of food to local food banks an charities by the end of July. 

Updated on: 02 April 2020

What has the contactless limit changed to?

The Contactless card limit is being raised from £30 to £45 in all stores by Friday 3rd April. Please use contactless payments whenever you can as this will help reduce the need for physical contact between customers and our Key Workers.

Updated on: 03 April 2020

What is Morrison's doing to support farmers?

Farmers Discount

We are offering a 5% discount on shopping for our farmers to thank them for feeding the nation through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 5% discount will be offered to Morrisons’ 2,700 farmers when they buy their own groceries to support them and their families. 

Farmers will receive a discount card in the post giving them a 5% discount on Morrisons shopping which will last until July 12th when it will be reviewed. 

Steak & Seafood Bars

Additionally, we are opening a summer ‘BBQ and Steak Bar’ as well a ‘BBQ and Seafood Bar’ to help struggling British farmers and fishermen, and to offer customers a wider range of fresh meat and fish. 

Updated on: 05 May 2020