Disability Query

I have a Blue Badge, will I be able to park?

Yes. At least 5% of car parking spaces are dedicated to blue badge holders. The spaces are easily recognisable, painted blue with the yellow wheelchair symbol featured prominently in the middle.

Those customers requiring more time can visit our customer service desks and provide their registration to our colleagues who will exempt you from the system for the duration of your shopping trip

Updated on: 05 January 2024

Do your stores have wide entrances?

Yes. All our stores have entrances that are accessible with wide automatic doors or wide revolving doors.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Can I bring my guide dog or assistance dog in store?

Yes. Assistance dogs are welcome at any of our stores. If you require additional help you can ask a member of staff at Customer Services.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Do you have trolleys that I can fit to my wheelchair?

All stores have a range of trolleys including shallow/high trolleys and low/deep trolleys for wheelchair users. A trolley with padding and straps for disabled children up to the age of 7 years is also available.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Can I hire a Wheelchair?

There are standard wheelchairs in stores plus an extra wide wheelchair in most of our stores. These can be found next to the Customer Service Desk.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Where are the disabled toilets located?

Disabled toilets are clearly signposted in our stores and can be found in the foyer area.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Can I hire a motorised cart?

There is a motorised cart in most stores (depending on store size), found next to the Customer Service Desk. These need to be booked in person at your local store on your next visit

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Do you cater for disabled shoppers in your Cafe?

Cutlery and crockery designed specifically for customers who have difficulty gripping is available at every store. Easily accessible tables have a sign stating that priority will be given to those who require the use of these tables.

For menus in Braille and large print, please ask a member of staff.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Are your shops fitted with induction loops?

Induction loops are fitted at all stores and are located on the Customer Service Desk, Petrol Filling Station Counter, Cigarette Kiosk Counter and on up to three Checkouts, dependent on the size of the store.

Updated on: 08 June 2022

Can you help me with my shopping?

All members of staff in stores have undertaken disability training and will ensure that as far as possible any additional needs are met. Please ask at the Customer Service Desk if you require any assistance.

Updated on: 08 June 2022