My Morrisons Card

What should I do if my card is lost / stolen or damaged?

You will need to action this yourself online. This is to prevent fraud and to protect your security.

Log into your Morrisons My Morrisons Account here.

Alternatively you can go to the My Account section in the Morrisons My Morrisons App on your phone and select Replace/Cancel Card then choose Report Card as lost or stolen.

We'll cancel it and send a new card, with a new number. Once reported lost or stolen, the old card becomes invalid and can't be used. If you are using the Morrisons My Morrisons App on your phone, a new digital card will be issued and you can start to use that Immediatly. If you require a plastic card you can select this also, this will arrive within 10-14 working days.


In the meantime though you can use your digital card contained in the My Morrisons App

Updated on: 23 March 2022

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How do I request a new My Morrisons card?

To replace your My Morrisons card you just need to use one of the following simple options.

Via website

  1. Login with the Email & Password combination you entered when registering.
  2. Click on 'My Account'
  3. Select Replace/Cancel Card
  4. Click on 'Report my card as lost or stolen' if you have lost your card
  5. Click on 'Request a replacement for a damaged card' if you have damaged your card
  6. Click on 'Cancel Card' if you would like to no longer be in the scheme


Remember while waiting for your card your can use the Digital Version of your card on your My Morrisons App - Simply login to your My Morrisons app, click on the card icon and scan your device instead of the card while your waiting.

Updated on: 25 June 2022

What is Two Step Verification?

We are making our My Morrisons even more secure. We have updated the My Morrisons Card app and website to help protect your account. The biggest difference is we’ve introduced Two Step Verification, a process that helps confirm that it’s you accessing your account.

The app won't ask you for this extra verification for everything, only for preferences, account details and requesting vouchers.

To make sure your My Morrisons account is super secure, update your phone with the latest version of the app:

  1.  Download our upgraded app
  2. Log into your account

Whenever you need to change preferences, view account details, you’ll be asked to complete a Two Step Verification:

  1. We send you a 6 digit code via email - it will be valid for 20 minutes
  2. You pop this code in where the app or the website asks for it, confirming its you

That’s it. That is all it takes to complete a Two Step Verification.

Updated on: 23 March 2022

I have not received My Morrisons Card.

Once you have requested your new card this can take up to 14 days to arrive. Did you know your card is available to use immediately via the My Morrisons App.

If you have not already downloaded to you phone, head to the Google play store or App store and download My Morrisons App. Log in with your existing My Morrisons details and you're ready to go.

Updated on: 23 March 2022