Digital Christmas Saver

Do I have to be a Morrisons More Card holder to sign up to Christmas Savers?

Yes. Your digital Christmas Saver stamps will be linked to your registered Morrisons More account. You can sign up to a Morrisons More account here. You must have a digital More account in order to see your total stamps & redeem them.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

What happens if I continue to buy digital Christmas Saver stamps past the cut off 31st October?

Your Christmas Saver vouchers for this year will be totalled on 31st October 2024. If you buy any digital Christmas Saver stamps after this point, they will go towards your Christmas 2025 balance.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

My More Card has been stolen, can I have a new one and will my balance be transferred?

Of course - just login to your Morrisons More account and select 'Replace / Cancel card' from the main page, then click 'Block & Report as Lost / Stolen'. You can then click 'Add / Request card' to have a replacement sent to your home.

Doing this means the lost or stolen card becomes invalid and can't be used, and all your More Points and Christmas Saver stamps will be transferred to your new card.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

Where can I view how much I have saved for Christmas so far?

Go to Account > View our Clubs > Christmas Savers and you will be able to view the number of stamps saved so far and any Christmas Saver bonus that you have qualified for.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

I’ve forgotten my More Card – can I still buy Christmas Saver stamps?

No. The digital Christmas Saver stamps are linked to your card and therefore to make a purchase you need to scan your card at the same time.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

What happens if I decide I no longer want to be a Christmas Saver?

You can opt out of Christmas Savers any time before the cut off date 31st October.

If you choose to opt out and have Christmas Saver stamps in your account, these will be transferred into your Morrisons More account as More Points. Please contact Customer Services if you would like to opt out.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

Where can I buy Christmas Saver stamps from?

Christmas Saver digital stamps are available from all Morrisons stores (excluding Morrisons Daily). To buy, ask the cashier for the amount you want to purchase in digital Christmas Saver stamps and scan your Morrisons More card to link the stamps to your account.

Digital Christmas Saver stamps can be purchased in denominations of £1s.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

I have been saving for Christmas using the Christmas Saver stamp card. Can I exchange my physical stamps for digital stamps?

Yes. Firstly if you are not a Morrisons More card holder you will need to register for an account in-store on online.

Once you have a Morrisons More card, all you need to do is take your Christmas Saver stamp booklet to the Customer Services kiosk at your local store and ask them to change your physical stamps to digital stamps.

These will then be transferred into your Christmas Saver account.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

Am I eligible for a Christmas Saver bonus?

Customers that are still opted into Christmas Savers up until the cut off date (31st October) will be eligible to receive their Christmas Saver bonus from Morrisons.

  • £49 = £1 total bonus
  • £97 = £3 total bonus
  • £149 = £4 total bonus
  • £197 = £6 total bonus

Morrisons will give a maximum bonus of £6. You can continue to save with Christmas Saver after reaching £197 however you will not receive any further bonus from Morrisons.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

At what point does my Christmas Saver bonus become valid?

Morrisons will provide your Christmas Saver bonus after the cut off date (31st October). Bonus will be included in customer’s Christmas Saver vouchers.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

What happens if I am sent my Christmas Saver vouchers but my preferences are not updated?

Unfortunately if you have not updated your preferences by 31st October your voucher preferences will automatically be set to load to card.

Updated on: 16 January 2024

How will I receive my Christmas Saver vouchers?

Firstly you need to set your preferences as either load to card or send via e-code. If you select ‘load to card’ your Christmas Saver vouchers will be added to your account automatically after 31st October.

If you have opted to receive vouchers via e-code you will be sent this via email to use online.

Updated on: 16 January 2024